Ricky Hampton sits down hard on Jason Connor’s massive uncut cock

English Lads says: Well Ricky Hampton has been on quite a journey, last time we saw him he wanted to give fucking a go and today he said he was up for getting fucked.

Now when a straight lad tells you that, you don’t hang around, you get him sat on a cock just as quick as you can.

So today he has a play with Jason’s very big uncut cock, sucks its great and before you know it he is on all fours getting his hole fingers with several of Jason Connor’s fingers.

Ricky is soon sitting down on Jason’s massive uncut cock and it’s only a couple of minutes before he has rather greedily gobbled up the whole thing. read more

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Aiden Walsh and Casey Lee strip off and wank each other’s big uncut cocks

English Lads says: Aiden Walsh did a photo shoot with Ricky earlier, but for the video shoot we paired him with Casey Lee, Aiden is a hung young lad with a great muscular body, Casey is incredibly ripped and fine with giving his hands and mouth on Aiden’s uncut cock.

The lads get in a bit of a tussle, testing each other’s strength, then strip off and wank each other’s big uncut cocks.

Casey then goes down on Aiden, sucking his big cock, before they both show off their asses to the camera. read more

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Straight blue eyed boy Jimmy Harris strips and jerks his big 8 inch uncut dick to a massive cum load

English Lads says: Jimmy Harris is a straight athletic lad who does a lot of cycling and skateboarding so keep naturally fit with a nice muscular build.

Jimmy has stunning blue eyes and blond hair with hairy legs and a hairy hole, and lucky for us is happy to show it off.

After giving us a tour of his fit body, Jimmy reveals his most impressive muscle – his huge 8-inch uncut cock and pumps himself until he is rock hard.

Comfy on the bed, Jimmy power wanks his huge piece of meat and squirts so big that he hits his face. read more

Sneak Peak Jamie Walters


Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.

English Lads says: Jamie Walters is discovering that he likes showing off his body and looks just great when naked and he has something to be proud off, not just athletic, but Jamie has an oversized uncut cock that gets real hard and stands proud right up against his abs.


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Jack Windsor’s willing hole get a right good pounding by Chris Little’s big uncut cock


English Lads says: A warm day, some sunshine and two horny straight men; Chris Little has been fucked by Jack Windsor a while back, so this is his return match and today he takes his job pretty serious.

Some great moments from tenderness of the kissing to great cock sucking and Jack gets fucked in some novel positions and judging by Jack’s uncut cock remaining rock hard throughout then Chris did a pretty good job.

Watch Jack’s willing hole get a right good pounding before he unloads and then gets squirted on by Chris he squirts loads of cum all over Jack. Well done guys. read more

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Muscular young English dude Cole Halliday has a huge uncut cock you just wanna suck on

English Lads says: Cole Halliday is a young man, still a teenager who has spent the last 10 years playing rugby and when he was 16 he started pumping a little at the gym.

And look what happened, at 16 he was skinny and some three years later he is a very muscular young pup covered in hair and it’s not just his body that is great; he has one of those great uncut cocks you want to drop to your knees and suck his uncut missile.

Well we can dream, Cole is a fantastic young athlete and he loves playing with his cock and lies back and shows off his very hairy hole before he jizzes a nice load on his abs. read more

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Jaden Hicks and Dan Broughton


English Lads says: Jaden Hicks is a tall and lean straight lad who is modelling because his best mate got him into this fine mess. Luckily his mate did his massage shoot first, so Jaden eventually agreed to go along with it and looking at how hard his uncut cock gets he didn’t mind Dan Broughton giving him, his first manhandling ever.

See Jaden Hicks and Dan Broughton fully exposed here!


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Ricky Hampton and Sam Hansworth have lots of fun stripping each other and wanking each others’ big uncut cocks

English Lads says: Ricky Hampton and Sam Hansworth have both done a solo and had their cocks sucked; so today they test their cock sucking talents on each other and it looks like they are both pretty good at it.

Before they suck each other they have a lot of fun stripping each other and wanking each others’ cocks, both are pretty hung, thick and long so when they suck each other they have a tough time to get their mouths round each others fat meaty uncut cock.

After tossing each other off Sam is first to blow and does he blow. He squirts loads of cum high over himself and the bed! After his impressive cum shot he wanks off Ricky who also does a great job at squirting a big load. read more

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Sneak Peek Tyler Hirst sucks Ricky Hampton's big 8 inch uncut dick


English Lads says: Ricky Hampton is one of those young British straight men who seems to swing both ways. He’s completely happy with his sexuality but not averse to a little man on man experimentation.

Today Ricky gets his 8 inch uncut cock sucked by his first guy, straight ex Royal Marine Tyler Hirst. Tyler is already a talented straight cocksucker as we’ve seen many times before.

Judging by the look on Ricky’s face it seems Tyler’s cocksucking skills are hitting the spot nicely. One wonders if Tyler’s expert tongue on his dickhead technique was learned whilst he was in the military. read more

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Hot straight young dude Ellis Mann jerks his hard erect 7 inch uncut dick

English Lads says: This is Ellis Mann’s first time on video. He is quite modest about his fantastically ripped and hairless body and loves to laugh and giggle throughout the shoot. Once stripped, Ellis is more relaxed and enjoys posing and exercising for us, tensing his incredible angular abs and clenching his chiselled ass.

After his underwear comes off his lovely long and straight uncut cock becomes excited very quickly. He grabs his perfect cock with precisely three fingers and with great control wanks off in every position from the bed to the dressing table. read more

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