Czech Hunter 211


CzechHunter says: I was in the mood today for a real guy. My friend tells me always: try someone who is a bit more mature with a great body.

So that was the aim. And it didn’t even took me too long to find the right guy. But I must admit I was a bit shy at the beginning though it was not too difficult to start the conversation.

I told him that I work on a social-media-project. We were talking about his job etc. He was a carpenter and self-employed.

And as his income varies a lot I was sure that some extra money would come handy. But when I offered him 1 000 CZK if he shows me his dick he immediately wanted to finish the conversation and went away. read more

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Marcus Ruhl has Roman Todd suck his fat uncut cock


Juicy Boys says: Marcus Ruhl posts an online ad looking for hot young guys who want to make some “quick cash.” Roman Todd see the ad and is quick to reply, stating that he will do anything for some fast money, but he never thought he’d bareback a hot stranger.

Roman shows up to the address and wanders into Marcus’ dark garage, there he is greeted by Marcus, filming the whole encounter. Marcus tells Roman to take off his clothes, then he comes over and has Roman suck his fat uncut cock. read more

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Chris Harder and Sonny Stewart flip flip fucking


Cockyboys says: Chris Harder really is your all-American guy the bulging muscles, the dark blond hair and blue eyes, the sparkling smile.

And he’s got a really welcoming personality that always makes you feel comfortable. So naturally, French-Canadian bad boy Sonny Stewart was intrigued by him.

In fact, the first French phrase he taught Chris was “You’re a really hot guy.”

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Abe and Jayden gay bareback fucking


Abe and Jayden gay bareback fucking

Sean Cody says: ‘I could get used to this,’ Abe said. ‘Just come on out, have some sex, and relax.’ That’s what I love about Abe… he’s so easy going. ‘What do you think about Jayden?’ I asked.
‘He’s fun.’ Abe replied. ‘In fact, I even gave him a nickname… ‘fun size.’ Jayden laughed.

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‘Why do you call him ‘fun size?’’ I asked. ‘Well he’s smaller than I am,’ he said. ‘I like that.’ I could tell that Jayden liked Abe. Every time Abe’s dick went in, Jayden looked like he was in heaven. read more

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Rico Cane


Muscle Hunks says: Rico Cane’s taken the plunge and is spending a carefree afternoon strolling about that South Florida bodybuilder private resort where we bring all our big boys for your private showings. So get down on your knees, boy, and get to work.

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Young 18 year old soccer player Ryan Johnson strips down to his sexy underwear

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Cute mate Justin Evans strips down to his Aussie Bum swim shorts


Bentley Race says: I love shooting with my cute mate Justin Evans. He was so shy when I first met him a couple of years. He’s not shy anymore.

He really surprised me when he started posing for me during this shoot. I barely had to give him any direction at all. In my hotel bathroom Justin is posing in just a pair of Aussie Bum swim shorts. He loses them pretty quickly as I snap lots of photos.

I forgot how perfectly round that little bum is. I also grabbed a lot of photos of Justin getting wet in the shower and taking off those swimmers. read more

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Bare Adventures sexy young Rob Maxwell’s boy hole fucked by Latino stud Thor’s big dick


Bare Adventures says: Spying on his flatmate, dark haired Latino stud Thor gets a real eye-full from sexy young Rob Maxwell as he strips in his bedroom. Catching him out, Thor is called in to return the favor, and fucking hell is Thor gorgeous.

His tanned skin and muscular frame will get you rock hard as he plays with his delicious looking nipples, so watch out for when he bends over and shows a tasty ass and gob-smackingly big dick. Sucking as if his life depended on it, Rob gets his thick shaft nice and wet, ready for his ass to welcome it inside. read more

Sean Lawrence at Men at Play

Men at Play says: Ever since Sean Lawrence first appeared on Menatplay in January everybody has been asking ‘when is he coming back’? Well – HES BACK! And now you can wake up with our Hungarian blonde hunk and follow his bulky masculine body through every inch of his morning routine.

See him lather up those big hairy pecs in the shower, dress in his sexy pimped up suit and then release his juices before his day begins. Can you imagine waking up with this man every day and having your morning jerk off together. Well, we did our best to make that fantasy come true. So come check out – Sean Lawrence NEEDS YOU. read more

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