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Elder Kensington

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Elder Kensington’s balls get shaved during Mormon evaluation!….. Name Elder Kensington, Age 18 years old, Height 5′ 10″, Cock XL & Talented Mormon Boyz says: As part of his evaluation, Elder Kensington’s balls were shaved. Many Mormons point to studies…

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Elder Wrightstone

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Elder Wrightstone’s first Mormon cumshot! Name Elder Wrightstone, Age 19 years old, Cock Cut, Height 6′, Weight 150 lbs Mormon Boyz says: Elder Wrightstone is what other missionaries would call a “greenie,” meaning he’s only been a missionary for a…

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Elder Revolorio

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Elder Revolorio solo jerk off! Name: Elder Revolorio, Age 22 years old, Cock Uncircumcised, Height 5’9″, Weight 172 lbs Mormon Boyz says: It may come as a surprise that Elder Revolorio is a District Leader. Then again, what on this…

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