Tattooed freckled muscle stud Rusty strips down his shorts, showing off his muscular upper body. Rusty jerks his big dick hard as he parts his ass cheeks giving a glimpse of his straight man ass hole. Jerking harder he quickly comes close to orgasm. With a big sigh he unloads his huge blow of muscle cum.

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Jason Connor fucks Chris Little


English Lads says: Jason Connor phoned me recently and asked if we had any shoots, I only had to pause a few seconds and said, yes of course, I know just the model we can pair you with.

I know how much naughty Chris Little seems to like getting a fucking and Jason does a great job. Though he hardly does much in the first few minutes and Chris is all over him, feeling him up, sucking his big cock and generally looking very pleased with himself once he sees the size of Jason’s big uncut cock. read more

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Hot fratmen Clay Anker hardcore butt fucks Leo Bosh’s tight ass hole


Gay Hoopla says: Clay Anker gets his chance to fuck up Leo Bosh’s hole. This is likely the reason because Leo Bosh hasn’t stopped texting management asking for Clay.

The moment Clay came outside and started flirting with him, Leo grew a boner. He was grabbing Clay’s ass with a firm grip, pushing up against him while kissing him passionately.

Leo took Clay inside and started to suck him off. He wanted to slurp the nut out of him so bad while polishing his pole, but Clay wanted to fuck first. read more

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Sneak peak English Lads nice hard uncut cocks Chris Little soon slides his very hard erection up Josh Hathaway’s ass


English Lads says: Over a year ago we planned to get these two together and its taken a long while, seemed like a natural partnership since naughty Chris Little is always so horny and Josh Hathaway loves a right good fucking.

So here we have it, a bit of teasing and the lads are soon sucking off each other, two nice hard uncut cocks and Chris is soon sliding his very hard erection up Josh’s ass.

Josh takes a deep breath and is soon enjoying every inch of Chris. Chris is usually the one getting fucked and today shows how good he is at exercising a lad’s ass hole. read more

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Sneak Peek straight muscle boy Jason Denby jerks his large uncut dick


English Lads says: Jason Denby is a tall handsome young straight lad who has the kind of body which is naturally fit because of the amount of sports he plays lean, smooth and nice definition, with strong legs.

He’s good looking, and got a winning grin, that suggests a cheekiness too. He happily pulls off his clothes for us, and reveals a really large uncut cock he gets hard and its both long and thick just how we like them.

He plays with it for us, while showing us his lean body, and even does a bit of kicking around of his football with his hard-on flapping around. read more

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Armond Rizzo fucked by Noah Donovan's big cock


Raging Stallion says: Armond Rizzo is a short, sexy fucker with the toned body of a gymnast. Muscular Noah Donovan is working Armond’s body over with every method at his disposal, including his huge cock.

Each man uses one hand to stroke the other’s cock: Armond’s free hand explores the terrain of Noah’s lightly furry chest, and Noah’s stretches Armond’s hole with the fingers of his other hand. Kneeling to worship Noah’s cock, Armond applies himself to the impossible task of swallowing it. read more

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Sneak Peek muscular young man Dalton Morland jerks his big uncut dick


English Lads says: A tall and broad shouldered lad with big muscles, look back 8 years and Dalton Morland was a slim bodied lad with 76kg body.

Today he shows us his 102kg body and as his clothes come off you can see not only are his muscles big, but he is very toned, with great abs and muscle definition.

When he drops his boxers you can see his uncut cock doesn’t seem to have been left out of the training, since he is nicely hung, big when soft and gets very hard when erect.

He loves showing off his bum and he does a great job in plenty of positions. After lots of bum showing and wanking he lies back and dumps a nice big load on his abs and chest. read more

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Ben Vickers


English Lads says: Ben Vickers has one of those over sized uncut cocks that hangs long when hard and rears up into an impressive erection of over 8 inches.

Not shy about showing off his body you can enjoy every bit of it and savour that almost hair free hole! After all his teasy wanking he lies back and shoots an impressive load on his abs and pecs.

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