Top 100 world’s sexiest men and boys at English Lads (51-60)


Top 100 world’s sexiest men and boys at English Lads (51-60)

English Lads says: Well this is a tough selection today as all these young British men are sexy in their own right. The ones that stand out for me are the beefy rugby player James Branson, a good rough and tumble in the bedroom is almost guaranteed after lights out. Aaron James sneaked in here again as he is just a smooth cute guy. Alfie Preston comes across as fun loving with plenty of charisma. Word has it that he has a very large uncut cock although i didn’t allow that to sway my arguments one bit!


The tattooed Jake Findley is also another hottie. With a beautiful body and a great smile he is a tough Cage Fighter so his bad boy looks sure go with the job. I am looking forward to more posts from Jake for sure.


So have you got any favorites yet, yourself. Post a comment if you would like to see more of any of these boys.  We are only half way through, and I cheated a bit as some guys appear more than once.

If you have missed the previous updates not to worry you can find them all here. Enjoy!


And if you are one of those guys who just can’t wait to get a look at the full crop of English boys and men then you will find a full rundown of them here.

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