Cal Skye and Sebastian Rossi

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Cal Skye and Sebastian Rossi

Falcon Studios says: Sebastian Rossi and Cal Skye are bodyguards tasked with protecting the rock star. They’re stationed outdoors, where the hot California sun proves too much for their black uniforms. Sebastian declares that he’s taking off his shirt.


You’ll take a deep breath as he peels out of his shirt, exposing rippling muscle inch by inch. Complimenting Sebastian’s chest, prom-date handsome Cal follows suit. They check each other out, like what they see, and can’t resist shrugging their duties for a sexy exchange.


Cal unzips Sebastian’s pants and helps himself to mouthfuls of the uncut cock that leaps out to greet him. He punch-fucks his face with Sebastian’s cock until he nuzzles his chin into the ball sack below. Sebastian fevered response makes Cal’s balls dance.


But it’s Cal’s buns that are the object of Sebastian’s desire. He warms them with his tongue, invades them with his finger, then impales Cal’s quivering and accepting man hole with his stiff cock. They fuck as if to make the earth move, and the jism that bursts forth will rock your world.





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