Athletic young hunk 20 year old Evan


Athletic young hunk 20 year old Evan

Straight Fraternity says: Confident, athletic 20-year-old Evan takes a break from work and jacks out a quick load for the camera. In just a few strokes, Evan’s got a raging boner. He leans back and whacks his 9-inch uncut cock until he unloads on his ripped abs.

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24 year old married guy Thomas chokes down a huge dick then practices fucking and kissing


Straight Fraternity says: 24 year old married guy Thomas has jacked off with his buddies before, but he’s never gone this far with a guy.

With Kayden to experiment on, he learns how to choke down a huge dick and rub a guy’s taint, practices fucking and kissing, and finds out how sensitive an uncut cock can be.

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First timer Calvin’s is a natural at taking Jeff’s huge bareback dick up his ass


Straight Fraternity says: Even though it’s Calvin’s first time on camera, he’s a natural at taking dick. In minutes, he’s got Jeff’s huge cock up his ass, riding him bareback like a champ. Calvin squirts a little while he’s being fucked, then Jeff pulls out, busts his nut and shoves his cummy cock back into Calvin’s perfect hole.

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Gage and Blake B


Straight Fraternity says: Gage and Blake B. play the Bowl of Tricks for the first time, and since Blake is into BDSM, there are some especially rough cards to draw. It’s an afternoon of sneakers to the face, belt to the ass and the two guys’ own dirty tricks.

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Lukas and Corey


Straight Fraternity says: Doing what he’s told, Lukas jacks Corey’s cock while he’s watching straight porn. They trade blowjobs and 69, and each of them ends up with a big handful of the other one’s cum.

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23 year old Shawn tries to shoot his big load into his mouth


Straight Fraternity says: The last time 23-year-old Shawn taped himself having sex it was with his girlfriend at the time. For Straight Fraternity, he has a different goal. The faster he can shoot, the more money he makes. As a bonus, he even tries to shoot his big load into his mouth.

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Gloryhole Lane


Straight Fraternity says: While he’s still in town, tattooed hunk Lane stops by the gloryhole to get off.

He watches porn on his phone while the warm mouth and hand on the other side do their work.

After he gets off, he leaves without a word.

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24-year-old Greyson gloryhole blowjob


Straight Fraternity says: 24-year-old Greyson stops by the gloryhole on the way home to blow off some steam. What he blows is his load directly down the throat of the guy on the other side.

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Gloryhole Gage


Straight Fraternity says: Gage has been out partying and really just wants his dick sucked. He stops by the Straight Fraternity gloryhole and dumps his huge load.

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Straight boy 18-year-old Tristan foot worship and paddling with his buddy Jason


Straight Fraternity says: 18-year-old Tristan is still figuring out his sexuality and recently has started messing around with guys. Today he learns some new tricks with his buddy Jason, including paddling, foot worship and what it’s like to receive and give a cum facial.

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