First Class Bottom – Jean Morocco at Belami

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First Class Bottom – Jean Morocco

Belami says: Jean Morocco is a special case for me, George Duroy recalls. He is so different from most of my other models. I never in my whole career encountered somebody so guileless. He was not naïve, just so mentally clean it was if it walked out of the Amazonian forest. It is a very rare quality. He would act as if anything you told him was one-hundred-percent true. In my case, it was; but many times, people would deceive him and he would remain undisturbed by it. He never lost this quality.


On a certain level, without him knowing, he is a natural-born Buddhist. He never lost his faith that everything is just fine as it is. He is a first-class bottom and really enjoys it. He can handle any kind of dick. Jean has no preconceptions about anything or prejudice, so that makes him incredibly sexually flexible. It is no surprise to us that when we took him to Brazil, Jean said he had never felt so at home.


He is very independent-minded and quite an improbable porn star. Jean originally brought his brother to Bel Ami. The brother was even better-looking than Jean. Unfortunately he only shot a solo with us. He had absolutely the cutest ass I’ve ever seen, George recalls.


Jean is quite sultry and alluring. As his lean and tight physique suggests, he is a multi-talented sportsman: basketball, soccer, squash, and many others. He studied sports medicine at university in order to become a personal trainer.





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