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Alex Graham and Matt Stevens


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George Ce and Josh West


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Titan Men says: The latest installment in the award-winning Folsom Fetish series, Fear takes the darker side of man-on-man sex and brings it to the light of day.

Each of the six nail-bitingly intense outdoor scenes on this masterpiece two-disc set explores different aspects of rape, submission, bondage and fetish play in a way that only GAYVN Hall-Of-Fame director Brian Mills could do.

At almost 5 hours long, Fear includes footage of several acts so extreme they have never been captured on film before, and none of which have ever been filmed so gorgeously as they are here. read more

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Jesse Jackman and Jessy Ares


Titan Men says: Jessy Ares bends Jesse Jackman over the chair and fucks him, his balls banging as his abs clench: “Open that hole up for me!” Jessy slaps the bottom’s ass, then turns him over resting his hand on Jesse’s monster pec as he plows away, the two finally releasing their loads.

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Trenton Ducati and Jake Genesis


Titan Men says: Trenton Ducati looks deep into the eyes of Jake Genesis, pulling him in for a kiss the two tattooed jocks feeling each other’s muscles. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” moans Trenton, rubbing Jake’s jean bulge.

Trenton spits on the stud’s tight abs, licks it up and then kisses Jake’s stomach soon releasing Jake’s throbber, which he engulfs. With his pec muscles twitching as he sucks, Trenton spits on Jake’s cock a wad sticking to his pubes. “Fuck my mouth!”

Trenton yells, his own big dick throbbing as his face gets plowed spit dripping to the floor as he gulps it up. Jake returns the favor, an overhead shot looking down at their defined bods and pulsing cocks. Trenton demands to see Jake’s ass, diving his tongue inside before fucking him Jake’s slab bouncing with each thrust. read more

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Francois Sagat with Casey Williams at Titan Men

Titan Men says: His sanity at stake, Francois Sagat teeters between two paths. Snapping out of his nightmare, he finds himself donned in a skin-tight suit as he comes face to face with… himself. Starring into his own eyes, Francois and his twin slip on masks and clash, dropping to the ground in a grunt-filled grappling session. Their two thick, hard cocks released, they suck each other’s juicy slabs before coming.

Francois takes control of himself, pinning his muscular body to the mat as he rams away from behind. With his massive arms supporting himself, he leans in further to trap himself against the floor, forcefully fucking as grunts fill the room. Turning himself over, Francois continues to top while his hand grips the bottom by the neck. The twins climax, as one Francois chokes the other and a sudden reverse montage brings the nightmare full circle. read more

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